This page will contain the development progress of a new concept that I like which will be used to connect the families devices together in a fun way, which can be tailored for the particular member depending on what they like to see.

For example, WeConnect will allow for the following:

  • Easily share photos, drawings, music, video and messages on a single “family board” in nice collaborative ways:
    • Example: my Daughter creates a drawing on her tablet and wants to share it with her Mum and Dad. She clicks Share and selects WeConnect. It gets added to the family board as though it is a drawing added onto the fridge at home for us to all see.
    • Example: my partner writes us all a message to let us know what we are having for dinner. She writes this in her own hand writings and adds this to the family board. I get notified of a new addition to the board and I can go and see what it is.
    • Example: I take an amazing photo, and I want to share it. I can again share it by clicking the general Share icon and selecting WeConnect. It will add it to the board.
  • New entries will be added to the family board (unless otherwise desired) and any future deadlines or actions can be tracked and reminders can be set for it. Essentially the family board is the “new updates” go to place.
  • The various different views can be changed depending on who is accessing the application:
    • Different calendar views, e.g. vertical month day list with scribbly notes jotted against key dates. Other calendar views can be daily, weekly or yearly with varying themes. The calendar themes can be created by a bunch of photos that have been shared or that are on the family members device. Therefore creating a nice custom calendar. Possibly even be able to print it out (with or without the known calendar entries).
  • The family board can be organised in various ways:
    • Group entries by type, person or urgency
    • Group in batches depending on when they were added.
    • Grouped items can be visibly “pinned” using suitable graphics to make it look authentic like a pin board.

These are just some upfront ideas of a nice romantic way to keep family together. In the past I have felt like we all have disconnected when we are each working/playing away on our devices, and having a way to connect us all back together in some way feels right. Not to mention the practical benefits that the app will offer.

My daughter loves playing her Samsung Galaxy Kids tablet and she has created all sorts of weird and wonderful drawings and creations. Sometimes I don’t get to see them because I am working and I miss “the moment”. However, if she is taught how she can simply press the Share button and then select WeConnect, it would mean I no longer miss out. I could also go off and print some of them off from the application itself, so that I can take it home in a nice picture frame that I went out and bought at lunch time.

I am sure there are various applications out there that have made something similar in nature, but I have never seen anything that resembles exactly what I am looking for. This will be a nice project and I plan to put all of the design and development progress up on this site. The application will then be made available for free with the option to purchase a paid version that contains a bunch more features. The fun part about this project is that it won’t be boring to create. Whilst it is being created, I can use my family as a guinea pig and get them to test it out in its alpha states.

Let me know if this is something that may be of interest to you and if you are technically minded and have skills that may be useful to this project. For example, if you are artistic, are a developer or have some great ideas of your own that you would like to contribute. All contributions will be reimbursed suitably, so you have nothing to lose. Send an email to stu@snhconsultingltd.com.

I will be writing a few use cases shortly so call back soon.

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