Pentesting write-upUSV: 2017

Firstly, try and find the host on the network knowing that it will be collecting an IP address through DHCP:   Perform an initial fastscan of all the TCP ports before doing a more thorough scan when we know which ports are open. Seems like a fairly noisy host with some unusual ports open. Now […]

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Extending WiX by creating a custom WiX Extension

Extending WiX WiX facilitates plenty of use cases out of the box. However, there are tasks that just don’t come built into Windows Installer by default. Thankfully, the WiX team and others have extended WiX to cover a range of extra functionality such as installing websites, creating users, and editing XML files. In this chapter, […]

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Updating a WiX UI ListBox using DTF

By using Deployment Tools Foundation (DTF) which is now part of WiX, a listbox (or other control) can be updated in a much cleaner way via a Custom Action (CA) than it would otherwise have been achieved. The following code snippet shows how direct access to a ListBox control can be gained to add a […]

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